Fishing festival held in Da Nang bay


A festival to pray for successful autumn-winter fishing was held on August 3 at the temple for whale worshipping located in Nai Hien Dong ward of Da Nang city’s Son Tra district.

Hundreds of fishermen in the locality have participated in the traditional festival praying for favorable weather and successful sea sailings.

The festival not only preserves the traditional culture, contributing to promoting the typical cultural identity of Son Tra sea area, but also introduces the image of the homeland, culture and people of Son Tra sea to visitors.

Old fishermen in Nai Hien Dong ward performs procession ceremony welcoming God of Sea to the temple

Teams of local fishermen follow the main boat performing rituals on Han River

Fishermen place flags at intersection between the mouth of Han River and sea gate

After completing the worshiping ceremony on Han River, village elders carry a basin containing sea water to the temple to continue the ceremony

Fishermen put basin of sea water on the altar next to the statue of Whale God

Buddhist monks at the festival


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