Cham people start Ramưwan festival by visiting ancestors’ graves


Cham people in the central province of Binh Thuan paid on April 11 visits to ancestors’ graves as an ritual marking the beginning of Ramưwan – the traditional New Year of Bani Islamic Cham.

The grave visiting ritual is the most important activities of the Ramưwan and aims to express gratitude to their ancestors with worshipping offerings. Before the ritual, Cham people pick up grasses and clean the grave.

During the visit, the shaman, often called ‘Thay Char’ waters the graves for cleaning and purifying the relatives’ remains, recite worshipping and inviting ancestors to come their relatives’ home for new year gatherings.

The Ramưwan traditional new year is often great times for ancestral worshiping, family gatherings and celebrations in Cham villages.

 Crossing Luy River to the cemetery of Cham people

 The cemetery, known as Dong Do, located in Phan Ri Thanh commune in Binh Thuan’s Bac Binh district

 Preparing worshipping offerings and traditional dresses

Tại đây, các gia đình bày biện đồ cúng, ngồi vòng tròn quanh mộ 

After offering arrangement, people sit around the graves for worshiping rites

 Offerings are often as simply as fresh water, betel and areca, cigarettes candies, etc


 Performing worshipping rituals at ancestors’ graves