600-year-old ancient temple in Ha Tinh


Nen Temple, located in Phuc Tien village of Viet Tien commune in Ha Tinh province’s Thach Ha district, worships Lý Nhật Quang, the 8th son of King Lý Thái Tổ, who had great merits in developing the ancient Nghe Tinh.  

Nen Temple, also known as Tam Toa Dai Vuong or Ca Temple, was built in the 15th century, on an area of ​​​​5 hectares, and also worships other historical figures.

The temple was built in Later Le dynasty and has been upgraded with a large scale in 1724 during the reign of King Lê Dụ Tông. The pagoda’s upgrade in 1921 under the Nguyen dynasty and its design remains until today. In 2010-2012, local authorities spent tens of billions VND for renovating the temple and reconstructing several construction items.

Nen Temple Festival is annually held on the beginning of the new year to commemorate the death anniversary of Uy Minh Vương Lý Nhật Quang.


The design of temple has a rectangular layout, consisting of three buildings of upper, middle and lower shrines. Outside the temple also has a front worshipping house, bell house, stele house, etc. The temple has been classified as a national historical relic site since 2009


Lý Nhật Quang statue placed in the upper worshipping hall


Three-door gate has a two-story design with eight roofs, both sides are engraved with parallel sentences of Chinese characters.


On roofs of worshipping halls and small shrines have exquisitely carved dragons


Bell tower in the temple


Stone stele house in the temple


The front worshipping house is surrounded by a row of Chinese Banyan trees.


One side of three-door gate has an engraved horse image


Two stone elephants guard the entrance to the temple, built hundreds of years ago with an implication of protecting the temple