"When the Buddha On the Obama White House"


Prior to his colleagues in the White House, President Barack Obama suddenly brought posters. He solemnly walked out in silence and then, he smiled real big, the hands of the employees he patted them. One use only beautiful, a personality "sermon no words," the American president. 

Do not place the spot where the Buddha frame, the right hand on what he brought to the platform where he often met with the senior players list and then He opened by saying the words of the Buddhist Zen master, "this is it ". At his place, he did not even say anything! Perhaps this story has spread very quickly and everyone then, they have felt a path may open up, opened them, not the other way when, to handle the the risk manager, not safe for themselves and for the issue of war. They took pictures of the Buddha, as if to shed yourself, true of us were "peace-loving" it is? And when too ambiguous

we make the decisions that will harm, injury to the fellow in the present, the future. 

In all circumstances, we can open the eyes of humanity in attitude and selfless compassion of Buddhism. Such times, Barack Obama often turn to spiritual realms to practice meditation (breathing). He said: "at times like I need to speak my Buddha". Because the new God Ngai- responsible beings than me. I can not get an "ego" to replace her, stocked up on all bookings. Zen koan "This Is It" has made me change all aspects and decisions. I did find out the cause, the consequences of a "self" beyond permissible limits. Sometimes he wondered, "How do my own or colleagues'. If I made mind to serve for the country, for the security of its allies, it is absolutely the way that he chooses to go to action, even if done as single wing, authoritarian and of hatred, blind, the more he let go of your investment is, of it, of itself, "This Is It" at an appropriate time otherwise. 

Buddha statue first worship even in the White House (White House), the world community, the peace talk is extremely valuable for a materialistic society, conflicts, insecurity. He once said, "I contemplate a lot of things that a real person in history, like Gotama had walked to the stage just practice, that the Buddha had proclaimed forty-nine years after presentation law and practice have never said a word. "Perhaps we, too, have meetings, voting or decisions, in that time, all of us can sit to watch an enlightened one, think of a specific example on world. 

For me, right in this house, with people representing some fifty state may spend most peaceful moments of a day to pray and enlighten yourself 'This Is It'. Just we contemplate the Buddha silhouette today alone is enough to clear our mind, the gentle one, people are living in trust and love. It was a sermon he was giving a speech about compassion, nonviolence practical. 

On one day, no longer in the White House I do not, I can not be present in the oval room again, the Buddha was human can survive over time, and he will be living image upright, intelligent transparency, non-discrimination for us.

According to phatgiao.gov.vn