Summer Training on Religion and Rule of Law Recruiting Students


A Beijing-based institute has begun recruiting students for the 12th Summer Training Course on religion and rule of law.

The 11th summer training course on Religion and Rule of Law commenced in Beijing on July 18, 2023. (Photo: Pushi Institute For Social Sciences)         

On March 20, the Pushi Institute for Social Sciences in Beijing released enrollment guidelines, stating that its aim is to draw on the experiences of varied countries in the field of religious rule of law to train professionals in this area. The curriculum includes topics such as religion and rule of law, comparison of state-church relationship models, religious corporation, religious property, church law, and religion and rule of law in the United States.

Renowned experts and scholars in the field of religion and rule of law from both domestic and international arenas will be invited to serve as lecturers. The training will be conducted in person with video lectures.

The training program plans to enroll 40 participants, including university teachers, doctoral students, and researchers from research institutes; staff members of national legislative bodies, government departments, and legal professionals; as well as individuals from the religious community.

The training program will take place from July 23 to 26 in Beijing, spanning four days. Following the conclusion of the training, the organizer will launch an academic seminar on religion and rule of law on July 27.

Source: Zhang - Abigail Wu