Vietnamese in Czech Republic pray for peace and happiness on New Year


The Central Committee of the Vietnamese Buddhist Association in the Czech Republic organized a ceremony in Prague to celebrate the Festival of January 15th (lunar calendar). More than 600 overseas Vietnamese gathered here to remember their ancestors and origin, and pray for a new year of peace, happiness and prosperity.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy, the Vietnamese Association in the Czech Republic and other associations. More than 100 Buddhists from Dharma Flower Association from Erfurt city (Germany) also traveled 400km to attend the ceremony, which was chaired by Venerable Thích Thiện Bảo, Deputy Head of the Dharma Propagation Section of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Central Commitee as well as reverent dignitaries of the Vietnamese Buddhist Association in the Czech Republic. At the ceremony, young Vietnamese people offered flowers to the Buddha and listened to a New Year message from Most Venerable Thích Trí Chơn, the dharma from Venerable Thích Thiện Bảo and teachings from the Venerable leader of the delegation. The candle burning ceremony for peace took place solemnly and emotionally, helping Vietnamese living away from home feel warm when experiencing the spititual origin of the nation.

(Dai Doan Ket)