Vietnamese Buddhists celebrate Buddha’s Birthday in Japan


Amid the global atmosphere ahead of the upcoming United Nations Day of Vesak 2014, the Vietnamese Buddhist followers in Japan held a ceremony celebrating Buddha’s 2558th birthday at Nisshinkutsu Pagoda in Tokyo, on May 4. 

Ambassador Doan Xuan Hung highlighted that the Buddha’s birthday is not only a festival for Buddhists but also an occasion for embracing ties among the overseas Vietnamese in Japan. The Buddhist monks, nuns and followers are hoped to make more contributions to the development of the Vietnamese community in the host country, Hung said. 

Most Venerable Yoshimizu Daichi sent his best regards to Vietnamese expatriates and expressed his pleasure at the active operation of the Vietnam Buddhist association in Japan. 

Recognized as a member of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in 2013, the association is expanding its operation in Japan to increase support for fellow compatriots there.