Korean Buddhism continues to support education in Myanmar


On the occasion of Buddha’s Birthday 2638, Buddhist dignitaries from Korean Theravada Sect and Buddhists from Jeonghyesa pagoda (Jeonju city, Jeollabuk province), Geumsansa pagoda (Gimje city, Jeollabuk province) joint with Most Ven. Wolju and Coexistent Charity Organization to donate 50,000,000 won (about 150,000 USD) for supporting education for poor children in Myanmar. 

The Coexistent Charity Organization was founded in 2003 and opened branches in 6 developing countries, namely: Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Kenya, and Myanmar. The Coexistent Charity Organization focuses on providing education support, clean water, improving environmental hygiene in country’s isolated areas. Myanmar is the second largest receiver of the organization’s assistance.

Korean Buddhism has organized social-coexistence charities on global scale, proactively developed international nongovernmental activities in the fields of health, education, clean water, environmental hygiene,…

In recent years the Coexistent Charity Organization provided aids to Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Kenya, Vietnam. . .

The Global Village under the Coexistent Charity Organization was founded in 2008 and took interests in Mynamr by help providing education in cities of Yangon, Mandalay, Bago and areas surrounding Irrawaddy River in the Southwest of Myanmar, as well as building many tanks for keeping clean water in Bagan city. 

Recently, Korean Buddhism built tens of primary schools and provided education supports such as tables, chairs, books, pens, clean waters, fans in these schools. 

Ven. Thich Van Phong