EU urged religious communities to strive for common development


The 10th conference of religious leaders and the European institutions with the theme "The Future of the European Union (EU)" was held on 10/6 at the European Commission headquarters in Brussels (Belgium).

Attending the conference were three top leaders of the EU included the European Commission President (EC) Mr. Jose Manuel Baroso, President of the European Council Mr. Herman Van Rompuy, Vice Chairman of the European Parliament (EP) Mr. Laszlo Surjan, with 19 high-level representatives of Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Mormon church and the EU religious community.

Speaking at the conference, the EC President Barroso confirmed the right to freedom of religion and belief is part of fundamental human rights and should be protected everywhere and for everyone.

Mr Barroso emphasized the religious community should have an important contribution to ensure respect for human dignity, as well as to help each other promote unity and avoid hatred, conflict ...

In addition, representatives of the religious EU also expressed concern about the rise of religious and racial discrimination in European society nowadays which was exemplified by the typical bloody attack on Jews previously in Brussels, showing the serious situation of the relationship between political extremism and fanaticism in the EU.

EC President Barroso said that the EU should also condemn ideologies of racism and abolishment of the existing religions in Europe and around the world; call on the efforts contributed by the religious community for the Europe’s future development./.