Caritas Ukraine helps people in crisis


Caritas Ukraine is implementing 5 large-scale assistance projects across the country. Credit: Caritas Ukraine  

Almost 200,000 people have fled their homes as fighting continues in eastern Ukraine. The situation in the eastern areas is creating an ever-increasing stream of refugees trying to run away from the conflict.

A challenge is finding adequate shelter for all the displaced people to stay during the cold months of autumn and winter. “We are working very hard to find shelters for everyone,”, “Caritas Ukraine appreciates the generosity of partners and donors from the global Caritas family who are helping us to serve people in need in these hard times for our country,”, said Andrij Waskowycz, President of Caritas Ukraine.

 In Slovyansk, a city hard-hit by the violence, Caritas Ukraine has provided over 100 tons of drinking water. Caritas plans to help people in Slovyansk and the surrounding area.   

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