The Muslim mosque in Hanoi


A Muslim mosque is located in Hang Luoc street, Hang Ma ward,, Hoan Kiem District. This mosque is an unique  mosque in the North of Vietnam. It was built in 1890 and rebuilt in 1950s  on total  area of 700m2 . It was repaired in 1980s. It is named Al- Nour Mosque

Every week, the mosque opens at Friday noon for believers. The ceremony takes place for one hour, from 12.30 to 1.30pm. Most of the followers coming to this mosque are foreigner and  a few Vietnamese believers who are living and working in Hanoi and Northern provinces of Việt Nam.

The mosque has designed according to  Arabian architecture Not all people who are living in Hanoi know this mosque although it has existed in Hanoi  for a  century,
This mosque has a western aspect, the direction of the holy Mecca of Muslims. The architecture of this mosque is similar to Islam church. It is influenced by Indian architecture for example carved door and  pinnacle…
Mosque looks  simple and airy. Although Islam does not encourage women to go to church, in this mosque there is a room for women. Mr. Doan Hong Cuong  who has  looked after this mosque for 21 years said: " Sometimes, women (including Vietnamese women who married Muslims) also come here on Friday . However, the number of women come here is few.
 This mosque is very large. At two sides of mosque there are white pillars. Before entering the mosque, believers should remove their shoes and wash their hands. Many people will be surprised at Islamic rules
 Despite dusty, noisy outside in streets, mosques is  always peaceful. This mosque has had a strong attachment to  Thang Long for 121 years. This mosque underwent rise and fall of history. From 1964 to 1973, mosque almost closed due to the war, but bombs could not destroy this mosque. Nobody can explain this problem.
Mr. Cuong is the third generation of Muslim family. He has many memories of this mosque. This  mosque was close to him when he was little  Mr. Cuong  succeeded his father to take care this mosque  since 1990.His relatives  returned home, only Mr. Cuong stayed in Hanoi. He has not visited his father’s home land yet . He desires to return home. He said: "I always keep my Pakistan passport as a connection to my homeland.  My mother named me as “ Hong Chuong” so I can be harmony with  my friends. By now, I hope  have the opportunity to visit my father’s homeland, but my condition is still difficult”. He has devoted his love to Al Nour mosque
Mr. Doan Hong Cuong
Many people think that the life of  Muslims is severe  because of many strict rules, but according to Cuong, Muslims are forbidden to eat pork, drink alcohol.  Muslims must adhere to strict rules during the month  of Ramadan. According to the rule, Muslims pray five times a day. But Muslims can pray one or two times a day if they are busy. The daily life of Muslim is not different for others. The daughters in law of his family easily overcome strict rules of Islam.
Each person has only one homeland, but Mr. Cuong has  felt  happy when living in the second homeland. He said "My childhood, my friends, my family are all in this land. I can not leave this land. I wish to visit my father’s  homeland once . I do not intend to return my father’s homeland.
Phuong Thuy