Land-use right certificate granted to 8 religious establishments in Thai Nguyen


For the past years, Phu Luong district authorities in Thai Nguyen have strengthened the state administration on religion-related land and created favorable conditions for granting certificates of land-use right extended to local religious organizations.

Up to now, Phu Luong district authorities have granted the land-use right certificate to eight religious establishments of Buddhism and Catholicism, with the total land area of nearly 25,000 m2.   

Phu Luong district is home to three operative religions of Buddhism, Catholicism and Protestantism with the total number of 5,000 followers. Specifically, Buddhism has 3,500 followers with three pagodas; Catholicism has one parish and five sub-parishes with 1,300 parishioners; and Evangelicalism has four meeting groups with over 250 followers.

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Ngày đăng :20/09/2021