Quang Ngai provincial authorities review religious affairs 2022


Chairman of the Steering Committee on Religious Affairs in the central province of Quang Ngai Đặng Ngọc Huy chaired on January 13 a meeting to review the state administration on religion in 2022 and map out key tasks for 2023.

At the reviewing meeting

As reported at the event, for the year 2022, the concerning provincial authorities have created favorable conditions for religious practices of local people and affairs of religious organizations and registered groups in the locality, as well as strengthened dialogue and exchanges with religious organizations through visits to religious establishments and meetings with local religious leaders, contributing to enhance close and cordial relations with local religious organizations.

Key tasks of the state administration on religion set out for 2023 at the meeting in Quang Ngai stressed the disseminations of Party’s policies and State’s laws on religion, and the advocacy work aimed at encouraging religious people to proactively engage in social programs and movements launched for boosting socio-economic development in the locality.


Ngày đăng :18/01/2023