Exchange meeting with religious dignitaries in Binh Phuoc


Authorities of Binh Phuoc province’s Chon Thanh district held on August 17 a meeting with key members of religious organizations in the locality.

As reported, Chon Thanh district has currently four operative religions of Buddhism, Protestantism, Catholicism and Caodaisim with 32 dignitaries and 12,000 lay followers. Over the past years, local authorities have created favorable conditions for religious practices in the locality. During 2021 and the seventh months of 2022, local religious organizations have contributed over 10 billon VND for social and charities, including supports extended to the Covid-19 prevention work.

Speaking at the event, a representative from authorities of Chon Thanh district expressed hope that local religious dignitaries would continue encouraging their members and local residents to proactively join patriotic movements launched for promoting social development of the locality.

Presenting gifts to religious dignitaries in the district

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Ngày đăng :22/08/2022