Evangelical chapters in Quang Nam, Gia Lai appoint superintendents


Commissioned Pastor Hồ Đức Phi was formally appointed as Superintendent of Que Phuong Evangelical chapter under the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) (South) in Quang Nam province’s Tien Phuoc district at a ceremony held on September 23.   

Praying for new Superintendent Commissioned Pastor Hồ Đức Phi (middle)

The event taking place at Que Phuong church saw the presence of Pastor Mã Phúc Thanh Tươi and Pastor Trần Đình, Commissioners of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) (South), representatives from local authorities and about 250 members of Que Phuong chapter.

During the ceremony, pastors of the ECVN (South) performed appointment rites for Commissioned Pastor Hồ Đức Phi.

A representative from local authorities presents floral congratulation to new Superintendent

*On the same day, Plei Brel Dôr evangelical chapter in Glar commune of Gia Lai province’s Dak Doa district held a solemnly ceremony for appointing Pastor Hninh as the new superintendent of its chapter.

Overview of the cermony

Present at the event included Pastor Phan Vĩnh Cự, Vice President of the ECVN (South), Pastor Hanh, Commissioner of the ECVN (South) in charge of pastor affairs in Gia Lai province, representatives from local authorities, and members of Plei Brel Dôr chapter.

Pastor Phan Vĩnh Cự and Pastor Hank initiated prayers for Pastor Hninh

During the ceremony, Pastor Hank performed appointment rites and presented the superintendent appointment decision and official seal to Pastor Hninh.

Plei Brel Dôr evangelical chapter currently has over 8,000 members, mainly Bahnar people, and its worshipping church is built on area of 20,000 m2.

Earlier, Pastor Rmah Hí was formally appointed as Superintendent of Plei Bong Phun evangelical chapter in Chu A commune of Gia Lai province’s Pleiku city.

Pastor Rmah Hí (rigth) receives a appointment decision

Plei Bông Phun chapter currently has 2,100 members, mainly Jrai people.

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