Caritas Hung Hoa presents trees to local people in Yen Bai province


In response to the “Together We” launched by Caritas Vietnam, Caritas Hung Hoa has launched a program to present 63,700 cinnamon trees to 51 households in Lang Lao village, Cat Thinh commune of Yen Bai province’s Van Chan district.

Caritas Hung Hoa presents trees to residents in Yen Bai province’s Van Chan district

Attending the program included Priest Joseph Đỗ Văn Kiêm, Deputy Head of Caritas Hung Hoa, Priest Joseph Má A Cả in charge of Lang Lao village, sisters of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Hung Hoa, and representatives from households of Lang Lao village.

In the context of nature being seriously threatened by indiscriminate exploitation, ecological imbalance, environmental pollution, resource depletion, Caritas Hung Hoa has initiated a project to plant trees to protect the environment themed "Plant one more tree, one more action for the environment".

Besides the purpose of planting trees to support ecology, Caritas Hung Hoa also aims to improve the family income of poor people. Therefore, Caritas Hung Hoa provided free cinnamon trees to all households in Lang Lao village.

Residents of Lang Lao village receive cinnamon tree


Ngày đăng :14/11/2022