Water procession during Diem village festival in Bac Ninh province


Diem village festival or Quan ho (love duet singing) creator festival in Hoa Long ward, Bac Ninh city in northern Bac Ninh province has been recognized as national intangible cultural heritage since 2016.


A procession from Vua Ba (Goddess) temple to Cung temple brings water back for worshipping


In 2022, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival held only worshipping rituals. The most special feature of the festival was the water procession


Taking water from Jade Well of Cung temple for worshipping


Procession delegation consists of elders in worshipping and parade groups taking water from Jade Well of Cung temple to Vua Ba (Goddess) temple for worshipping


A procession from Vua Ba (Goddess) temple to Cung temple takes water back for worshipping


Water taken was brought to back Vua Ba (Goddess) temple for worshipping

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Ngày đăng :10/03/2022