23 religious volunteers of 6th batch join Covid-19 frontline force


The Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Ho Chi Minh City held on September 18 ceremonies in Giac Ngo pagoda located in Ward 3 of Ho Chi Minh City’s District 10 and Culture and Sports Center of Tan Binh district to see off 23 religious volunteers of the 6th batch to start supporting the frontline of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.

23 religious volunteers the 6th batch would serve in the Trung Vuong Covid-19 Treatment Hospital and the multi-story Covid-19 Field Hospital located in Tan Binh district.

At the seeing-off ceremony taking place at Giac Ngo pagoda, Senior Venerable Thích Nhật Từ, Standing Deputy Director of the Vietnam Buddhist Institute in Ho Chi Minh City cum Head of the Buddhist Volunteer Coordinating Group informed that four Buddhist volunteers of this batch were selected from 180 registered candidates who have twice been vaccinated. He also shared that more qualified Buddhist volunteers would be added to join the frontline forces against the epidemic in the coming time.


Chairwoman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Ho Chi Minh City Tô Thị Bích Châu has exchange with Buddhist volunteer during seeing-off ceremony

During the seeing-off ceremony held in the Culture and Sports Center in Tan Binh district, Priest Joseph Đào Nguyên Vũ, Chief of the Office of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam thanked the Catholic volunteers for keeping up the volunteer flame and upholding the spirit of charity by voluntarily joining doctors and nurses in take care of Covid-19 patients. In this batch, there were 19 volunteers who are clergymen and clergywomen.

During the ceremony, Assoc. Prof., Dr. Lê Đình Thanh, Director of Thong Nhat Hospital cum Director of the multi-story Covid-19 Field Hospital in Tan Binh district shared that the multi-story hospital was a new model and very suitable for the current Covid-19 treatment situation. However, in order to operate the hospital effectively, it required the participation of many forces, including religious volunteers, he stressed.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City, the municipal authority has, since mid-July 2021, called on religious organizations in the city to send religious volunteers to offer their voluntary services at field hospitals and Covid-19 resuscitation hospitals. Up to now, 567 religious volunteers in six batches have joint the frontline force against the epidemic in the city.


Ngày đăng :21/09/2021