Minh Su Theravada Buddhist Church proactively joins Covid-19 prevention work


In the context of ongoing Covide-19 outbreak in provinces and cities, especially in Southern region, Minh Su Theravada Buddhist Church has strictly implemented preventive measures guided by the Government, the GCRA and local authorities and made practical contributions to the pandemic prevention work.  

Responding calls of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government Committee for Religious Affairs and local authorities, the Minh Su Theravada Buddhist Church has mobilized resources from its 40 worshipping establishments for donating 109 million VND to Covid-19 vaccine fund and 311 million VND to the Charity fund, presenting 1,000 relief packages, five tons of fruits and vegetables, 8,000 meals and necessities to its members, local people and Covid-19 frontline forces.

Besides charitable activities, the Church has issued a dispatch requesting a strict implementation of preventive measures against the pandemic, including the suspension of religious events and other gatherings, and a conscientious observance of the Health Ministry's 5K message, etc.



Ngày đăng :27/09/2021