Catholics in Phu Tho proactively join local patriotic movements


Phu Tho province currently has operative religions of Buddhism and Catholicism and Catholicism in the province has over 133,000 lay followers, 65 priests, 46 parishes and 149 sub-parishes, and 130 churches under two diocese of Hung Hoa and Bac Ninh.

Catholics in Huong Lung commune of Cam Khe district work together for developing a rural road

Over the past years, Catholics in the province have proactively participated in movements launched by local authorities and made practical contributions for the socio-economic development in the locality. The Committee for Solidarity of Catholics in the province has guided lay Catholics to make practical response to these patriotic movements.

Up to now, economic growth models of local Catholics have brought positive results and created jobs for many local people. Outstanding examples include Noi Thanh construction company managed by Director Phùng Minh Nội - a Catholic from No Luc parish, the family business for wood processing, brick production and livestock raising of parishioner Trần Thị Việt from Mo Xuan parish, and the transport service of parishioner Đỗ Ngọc Sơn, etc.

According to Deputy Head of the Committee for Solidarity of Catholics in the province, local Catholics joined hands with local residents in reducing the poverty rate in the province to 5.92%, and contributed 79,8 billion VND to the Fund for the poor during the 2016-2020 period.

In addition, in the rural development movement, local Catholics joined local programs promoting roles of religions in environment protection and climate change adaption. Catholic parishes and sub-parishes have collected, classified and discharged wastes in proper places as well as donated thousands of square meters of land for building cultural centers and rural roads.

Up to now, 13 out of 13 districts in Phu Tho province have built self-management models for environmental protection, 112 out of 196 communes and two districts achieved new rural standards, and Viet Tri and Phu Tho cities have completed criteria of the new-style rural development.



Ngày đăng :16/09/2022