Caodai parish in Tra Vinh inaugurates new oratory


My Cam Caodai parish under the Correction-Path Caodai Church in Tra Vinh province held on November 18 a ceremony for the inauguration of its new oratory located in Cang Long district’s My Cam commune of the province. 

Bishop Thượng Thân Thanh performs ribbon-cutting rite for inaugurating new oratory

Present at the event included Bishop Thượng Tân Thanh of the Correction-Path Caodai Church’s Central Standing Committee, Bishop Chairman of the Correction-Path Caodai Church’s Representing Committee in Tra Vinh Thái Đức Thanh, and over 600 members of the Caodai church in the province.

Guests at the event included Vice Chairwoman of the Committee for Religious Affairs in the province Bùi Thị Nhã Hiền.

As reported, the original oratory of My Cam Caodai parish was built in 1941, and has seriously deteriorated and no longer met current needs of religious practices by local Caodai followers. In 2019, the provincial authorities approved for the Caodai parish to rebuild its oratory; and the construction of the new oratory has been completed after three years, with the total investment of nearly three billion VND.


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Ngày đăng :24/11/2022