Buddhist culture heritage in Bac Ninh exhibited


A showcase on Buddhist cultural heritage in the northern province of Bac Ninh was opened on January 17 in the provincial museum, together with a program tasting the love duet singing in the province in the upcoming spring.

 Performance of ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the showcase on Buddhist culture heritage of Bac Ninh

The showcase on Buddhist culture heritage focuses on the cradle of Vietnam Buddhism in Bac Ninh, ancient Buddhist temples in the province, and the preservation and promotion of values of Buddhist heritage in the province.

Over 300 pieces and unique images of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Buddhism in Bac Ninh have been put on the show.

Pieces and unique images of cultural heritage of Buddhism introduced to visitors

The showcase themed “Heritage of Buddhist Culture in Bac Ninh Province” runs until the end of March, 2023

Students at the show


Ngày đăng :20/01/2023