Government Religious Committee officials receive religious delegations ahead of Tet holiday


A delegation from Tay Ninh Caodai Church led by Bishop Thượng Phòng Thanh, Head of Hai Phong Caodai parish visited the Government Committee for Religious Affairs (GCRA) on January 11, ahead of the traditional New Year (Tet) 2023.

Delegation from Tay Ninh Caodai Church pays pre-Tet visits to GCRA

Vice Chairman of the GCRA Nguyễn Ánh Chức welcomed the delegation.

On behalf of Cardinal Thượng Tám Thanh, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Tay Ninh Caodai Church, while extending Tet wishes to officials and staff of the GCRA, Bishop Thượng Phòng Thanh thanked the GCRA for favorable conditions extended to affairs of Tay Ninh Caodai Church and religious practices of the Church communities in the country.

During the reception, Vice Chairman Nguyễn Ánh Chức thanked the Caodai delegation for its visit ahead of the Tet holiday and expressed hope that Tay Ninh Caodai Church would continue guiding followers to practically implement according to the motto “for the country’s glory and the Way’s enlightenment”, as well as proactively participate in patriotic movements and social activities.

*On the same day, Vice Chairman of the GCRA Nguyễn Tiến Trọng received pre-Tet visits of delegations from the Vietnam Baptist Church led by President Nguyễn Ân Điển, the Hanoi International Fellowship led by Pastor Jacob Bloemberg, and Korean Evangelical congregation in Hanoi led by Pastor Tae Won Soo.

Vietnam Baptist Church delegation visits GCRA

Receiving Hanoi International Fellowship delegation

Delegation of Korean Evangelical congregation in Hanoi visiting GCRA

* Vice Chairwoman of the GCRA Trần Thị Minh Nga also received on the same day a delegation from the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS)’s Central Executive Council to visit and extend Tet greetings to the GCRA.

The Buddhist delegation was led by Most Venerable Thích Thanh Nhiễu, Vice President of the VBS’s Central Executive Council and joint by Most Venerable Thích Gia Quang, Vice President of the VBS’s Central Executive Council and Most Venerable Thích Thanh Tuấn, Chief of the VBS’s Office.

VBS delegation’s pre-Tet visit to GCRA



Ngày đăng :13/01/2023