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Administrative inspection at Tan Dieu pagoda in Long An

Border Guard effectively implements religious affairs

“Bong Lai temple”: not legal Buddhist worshipping place

Asif Foundation organization, Caritas of My Tho diocese support people facing drought and saltwater intrusion in Tien Giang

UNESCO-recognised My Son Sanctuary offers admission fee discounts

Nam Dinh province: The provincial Committee for Religious Affair meets religious dignitaries having rendered meritorious services to the country

On the occasion of 67th anniversary of Invalid and Martyrs Day (July 27th,1947-July 27th, 2014), Nam Định’s Committee for Religious Affair organized a delegation to visit two religious dignitaries under a special-care policy for having rendered meritorious services to the country.

How is the registration of ordained, conferred, appointed, elected or designated persons in religion stipulated?

Ordainment, conferment, appointment, election and designation in a religion shall be an internal affair of the religious organization and conducted according to the charter and/or statutes of the religious organization. The law only sets forth criteria of civil capacity of those to be ordained.

Catholic followers build cultural life style in Bac Ninh city

In recent years, Catholic followers in Bac Ninh city has actively participated in the campaign “All people unite to build cultural life in residential areas  and live a better secular and religious life”; together implemented the civilized life style and built a prosperous country

Implementation of Instruction 01/2005/CT-TTg in Thanh Hoa province

There are four religions practiced in Thanh Hoa province, namely Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Caodaism. Followers of religions in Thanh Hoa province numbers about 250,000, resides in 308/637 communes and accounts for more than 5% of the total population in the province.

Instruction No. 1940/CT-TTg dated December 31, 2008 of the Prime Minister on religion-related housing and land
Instruction of the Prime Minister on some tasks regarding Protestantism
Can a religious organization establish training school, or upgrading courses for religious professional? Which agency and who has the authority to establish training schools, or upgrading courses for religious professionals?
Q: Can foreigners practice religious activities at a legal religious establishment in Vietnam? Which are competent agencies? What documents are needed? And time limit?
Vietnamese legal documents on belief and religion
The State of Vietnam Consistently Respects and Guarantees its Citizens’ Right to Freedom of Belief and Religion

1. State Policies in Basic Laws Related to Belief and Religion

Policies and Guidelines of the Communist Party of Vietnam Regarding Belief and Religion

During its leadership of the revolution as well as since its governing of society and the country, the Communist Party of Vietnam has paid consistent attention to religion and has adopted policies on belief and religion that have been sound and appropriate for each stage of the revolution.

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