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Mass mobilization commission leader in Tay Ninh extends congratulations to Dieu Tri Festival of Caodai sects

Home affairs department in Kon Tum guides national flag-raising at religious places

Training on religious affairs held in Tien Giang

Burning of votive paper practically reduced at Ponagar tower

Training on state management on belief, religion held in Ninh Thuan

Hai Phong City: Doctrinal contests held by Buddhist Executive Boards

Since 20th of 7th Month of Dragon lunar year, implementing a resolution of the Executive Council of the Central Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) and the program of Buddhist activities 2014 of VBS Committee for Propagation and Buddhists Guidance in Hai Phong City, the VBS Executive Board in City’s districts have organized local doctrinal contests for Buddhist laymen and laywomen living in pagodas in these districts. 

A successful Catholic in farming business

Mrs. Nguyễn Thị Hường, a Catholic living in village No 4, Nghia Trung commune, is a good example in farming business. As a farmer facing with so much hardship, she has been anxious to get rich 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Vietnam

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded by Joseph Smith (1805 - 1844), the first president of the Church, on 6 April 1830 in Fayette Township, New York.

Phap Hoa ashrams in Phổ Đà pagoda prays for peace and prosperity

On August 20th, Phap Hoa ashrams at Phổ Đà pagoda (Hai Chau district, Da Nang city) together with Buddhist monks held a ceremony with release of living creatures and light-up of candles to pray for peace and prosperity to the country and spiritual uplifting to fallen soldiers and people died in Cam Le river.

Kien Giang province: Charity activity by Protestant Church

On August 16th, 2014, Tan Hiep Church in Kien Giang province in collaboration with Social Health Committee of Vietnam General Conference of Evangelical Churches provided the water purification equipment for 40 families of followers and non-followers inside and outside the Church.

A floating temple in Saigon river

Mieu Noi (floating temple) is located in a branch of the Saigon river and known as the sacred temple. The architecture of the temple combines Vietnamese and Chinese cultures, many dragon shapes make the distinction of the temple.

Hung Yen province: Great Stupa of An Vien in Dong Cao pagoda to be completed

Hung Yen is the place that has a long and proud tradition of culture, and a well-known "first Kinh Ky, second Pho Hien." Along with the history of thousands of years of building and defending the country, our fathers built ​​sacred land of Hung Yen, with thousands of valuable relics, including temples, shrines and tombs... 

Medical charities by Vietnam Pure Land Buddhist Association

Medical charities through the system of clinics offering healthcare using traditional medicines by the Vietnam Pure Land Buddhist Association is one of most important activities of this religious organization, as well as its main social charity. As the national economy facing many difficulties, the system of offices offering healthcare using traditional medicines by the Vietnam Pure Land Buddhist Association has practically contributed to meet the need for healthcare by people in the society. These offices have increasingly gained more confidence from the people.

Dong Thap province: Hoa Hao Buddhist followers contributes to build rural bridges and roads

In the recent years, Hoa Hoa Buddhist followers in Tan Hoa commune, Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province actively took part in movements and campaigns launched by the Vietnam Fatherland Front and local authorities for community development such as the movement "All people unite to build cultural life in residential areas", the campaign "Day for the Poor" and the national target program for new rural development. 

Đắk Lắk province: Ea Kar Protestant Congregation holds a ceremony for its debut

On August 12th, at Ea Kar town, Ea Kar commune, Đắk Lắk province, Ea Kar Protestant Congregation solemnly held a ceremony for its debut after 20 years of establishment (1994-2014).

The Our Lady of Immaculate and Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Hue celebrate the profession of monastic vow

On August 5th, 2014, the Our Lady of Immaculate welcomed Hue Archbishop and nearly 100 priests to initiate the thanksgiving and profession of monastic vow ceremony, with 29 new votarists and 24 permanent votarists. 

Social charities during the Buddhist Parents Day Festival

1.  Charities by the group “sincere people-sincere deeds”

Soc Trang province: pagodas in Vinh Chau distributes 130 tons of charitable rice

The pagodas in Vinh Chau (Soc Trang) distributed 130 tons of rice contributed by Chinese associations and businesses.

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Vietnam issues message regarding prayer for peace in Iraq

The crisis in Iraq has been escalating and killing many people. According to Mr. Adrian Edwards, an UN spokesman, currently there are from 20,000 to 30,000 followers of Christianity and Yazidi encircled in Sinjar mountain by Islamic State (IS) rebel forces.

Ho Chi Minh city: Education Development Project for immigrant children by Caritas

Caritas Viet Nam and Caritas of Ho Chi Minh City’s Archdiocese will coordinate to carry out “Education Development Project for immigrant children”.

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