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Reaching consensus on compiling nomination dossier for recognizing Complex of Yen Tu Monuments and Landscape as World Heritage

Ethnic committee in Kien Giang extends congratulations to Khmer people on Sene Dolta Festival

Religious committee in An Giang presents Mid-Autumn gifts to students from disadvantaged families

Meeting on religious affairs held in Huong Khe district of Ha Tinh

Religious committee in An Giang pays visits Khmer monks on Sene Dolta Festival

Book Publication
New theory suggests religion may have been responsible for social evolution

Mankind’s journey to become more socially intelligent might have begun with religion according to Robin Dunbar, an evolutionary scientist.

Book on Hoa Hao Buddhism republished

The book "Understanding of Hoa Hao Buddhism" compiled by late Professor Nguyễn Văn Hầu has been republished by Saigon Books and the Religious Publishing House.

Vietnam’s religious freedom in real life

Hanoi (VNA) – Though casting a fairly positive light on Vietnam’s irrefutable achievements in ensuring religious and belief freedom, the annual report on global religious freedom issued by the US Department of State on August 10 still contains contents exposing a narrow mindset, biased outlook and a lack of goodwill.

Publication on studies of viewpoints and policies of the Party on current religion and religious issues in Vietnam

In his work, Author Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Duong, former Director of Institute of Religion Studies (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences) introduces and analyzes viewpoints and policies of the Party on religion; overview of current religious life in Vietnam as well as offering experiences in solving religious issues in Vietnam with references to some countries in the world, as well as  put forward current issues and recommendations for religious affairs in Vietnam.

5 facts about prayer

May 5 is the National Day of Prayer, on which presidents annually proclaim that “the people of the United States may turn to God in prayer and meditation at churches, in groups, and as individuals.” The day has spawned a rival National Day of Reason on the same day, started by humanist groups and other opponents of the National Day of Prayer.

The book on Islam in Vietnam published

Islam has been established and developed more than 14 centuries ago, become a great religion of humanity, spreading into all continents and playing an important role in world politics.

A short history of Evangelical Church of Vietnam (1911-1965)

The book “A short history of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam” was written by Pastor, Dr. Lê Hoàng Phu which is a monumental scientific works on the history of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (ECVN) (1911-1965).

Draft Law upholds freedom of belief and religion

The Government Committee for Religious Affairs is putting the finishing touches to the draft Law on Belief and Religion before it is presented to the National Assembly for debate at its coming session. This article presents key contents of the fifth version of the draft Law, the latest version with 11 chapters and 68 articles.

A Clash of Western Civilizations

Images from the refugee crisis in Europe have juxtaposed smiling crowds in Vienna and Munich with grim, unwelcoming faces in Budapest. The result has been a surge of commentary about the “two Europes” – one welcoming, one forbidding. The truth is that disagreements over whether countries should take in refugees are hardly unique to Europe. The contrast on display is symptomatic of a deep rift within the Western world.

Lack-of-goodwill arguments must be desisted immediately

The Vietnamese Party and State always give priority to ensuring human rights for all Vietnamese citizens.

7 top issues Pope Francis has staked out for his papacy

(RNS) Pope Francis is widely viewed as the “pope of change.” But just how is he changing the Catholic Church — and today’s world? What are his top issues? Here’s a look at seven main planks of his pontificate:

Vietnamese Government is very interested in religious freedom

Ten years ago, according to the United States, Vietnam was on the list of religious freedom violation.  Currently,  Vietnam is no longer on that list.

Promoting religious resources for socio-economic development

A conference titled “Belief and religion with sustainable development and policies relating to belief and religion in the new period” was held in Hanoi on August 3 by the Central Committee's Economic Commission.

5 reasons why Mormons are happier, says researcher

Three years ago, the Gallup organization released the results of a massive study on the link between religion and happiness, surveying 676,000 people.

Cultural features of Buddhism

Culture usually is as understood a way of life of a particular group of people in each region at a particular time. Culture also includes the physical and spiritual products created by human beings. The cultural features of Buddhism are part of a culture purified through times and blended with the Buddhist philosophy.

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