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Lam Kinh Festival to be held only with worshiping rituals

Birth anniversary of great poet Nguyễn Du celebrated

Mass mobilization commission leader in Tay Ninh extends congratulations to Dieu Tri Festival of Caodai sects

Training on ethnic, religious affairs for local cadres held in Thanh Hoa

Home affairs department in Kon Tum guides national flag-raising at religious places

Legal FAQs
Question: Which are procedures for notification on transfer of dignitaries and clergypersons to new places of operation?
Question: Which are procedures for registration of religious orders, monasteries and other collective religious-practising institutions operating within one district, town or provincial city?
Question: Which are procedures for approval of a representative or management board of belief establishment?


Question: Which are procedures for approval of the fundraising by belief establishments and religious organizations beyond one commune but within one district?


Question: Which are procedures for approval of the preaching and missionary work by dignitaries and clergypersons outside religious establishments
How is the foreign-related ordainment, conferment, appointment, election or designation stipulated by laws?
How is the registration of ordained, conferred, appointed, elected or designated persons in religion stipulated?

Ordainment, conferment, appointment, election and designation in a religion shall be an internal affair of the religious organization and conducted according to the charter and/or statutes of the religious organization. The law only sets forth criteria of civil capacity of those to be ordained.

Can a religious organization establish training school, or upgrading courses for religious professional? Which agency and who has the authority to establish training schools, or upgrading courses for religious professionals?
Q: Can foreigners practice religious activities at a legal religious establishment in Vietnam? Which are competent agencies? What documents are needed? And time limit?
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