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Da Nang municipal authorities held exchange meeting with local religious dignitaries

Religious committee in Gia Lai visits local oroganizations

US Ambassador releases carps to see off Kitchen Gods

Conference seeks ways to preserve UNESCO-recognised cultural heritages

State officials pay pre-Tet visits to Buddhist dignitaries

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Pope picks new Cardinals, putting his stamp on Church's future

Pope Francis appointed 13 new cardinals in a surprise move on Sunday, again putting his stamp on the future of a Church he wants to be more open as most of those named are considered progressive on social issues.

To prevent foreign influence, new Bill requires religious leaders to be Singapore citizens or PRs

If foreigners hold leadership positions in religious organisations or make donations to these organisations, there is a chance that they could impose divisive values here or even push for a political agenda which would undermine the Republic’s separation of religion and state.

Jining, first bishop ordained since Sino-Vatican agreement

Fr. Antonio Yao Shun, a liturgical expert, was ordained as bishop of Jining (diocese also known as Ulanqab, in Inner Mongolia). The ceremony took place on August 26 in Jining Cathedral.

Bringing a gun to an LDS church is no longer just 'inappropriate.' It's prohibited under new rules

Carrying a lethal weapon onto church property was considered "inappropriate" under the policies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now, it's prohibited.

Pope to Methodists: We can offer common answers to suffering of the poorest

In a letter to the Union of Methodist and Waldensian Churches, Pope Francis said he is praying for them, “so that in these days of encounter, prayer and reflection” they might be able “to have a living experience of the Holy Spirit, who animates and gives strength to Christian witness.”

Attack on religious building in NI almost every second day

In the last three years there have been over 400 attacks on churches and other places of worship in Northern Ireland, according to a new study. It means that, on average, a crime against a place of worship in Northern Ireland takes place almost every other day.

How Buddhist monks are protecting a vulnerable forest from illegal logging in Cambodia

Since 2002, the monks from Samorang Pagoda in Cambodia have protected a 71-square-mile tract of forest from illegal logging and hunting.

Caritas India reaching out to Kerala’s flood affected people through local churches

After heavy lashing by monsoon rains since August 8, southern India’s Kerala state is limping back to normalcy with the rains subsiding since Monday.  However, the task of recovery and rehabilitation remains enormous and arduous. 

Ukrainian government adds bureaucracy to oversee religion

The Ukrainian cabinet of ministers approved an order regarding a Ukrainian state service of for ethnic policy and freedom of conscience.

Buddhists in Poland holds Vu Lan Festival

Thien Phuc pagoda located in suburban Warszawa, Poland solemnly celebrated the Buddhist Parents Day 2019 – B.E.2563 at a ceremony held on August 18.

International interfaith gathering: ‘We must work together or we will all fail’

The 10th Religions for Peace World Assembly launched Tuesday (Aug. 20) with calls for religious groups to take decisive action on the main geopolitical issues of the day, and ending with an unusual “statement of commitment” aimed at fostering multireligious cooperation.

Bagh Bhairav Festival held at Kirtipur in Kathmandu, Nepal

Devotees gather at Bagh Bhairav temple to offer prayers during the Bagh Bhairav Festival at Kirtipur in Kathmandu, Nepal, Aug. 18, 2019. Devotees offered prayers and made 108 rounds of the Bagh Bhairav temple to get rid of sins during the Bagh Bhairav Festival. (Photo by Sunil Sharma/Xinhua)

Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul wedding hall blast

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for a bombing at a wedding hall in Kabul that killed at least 63 people and injured more than 200. Survivors said the bomber was standing by a stage where children and adults were dancing and clapping when he detonated his explosives vest.

Buddhist temple in Japan puts faith in robot priest

A 400-year-old temple in Japan is attempting to hot-wire interest in Buddhism with a robotic priest that it believes will change the face of the religion despite critics comparing the android to "Frankenstein's monster".

Eid Al-Adha in Egypt: Egyptians celebrate start of three day feast

Muslims around the world are taking part in Eid Al-Adha festivities. The holiday commemorates the story of Ibrahim who Muslims believe was told by God to sacrifice his son as a test of his faith. They believe that God then told Ibrahim to sacrifice a sheep instead. Yasser Hakim looks at how Egyptians spend the three-day feast.

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