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Buddhist pagoda in Nghe An joins hand in preventing coronavirus (nCoV)

Supporting the restoration of traditional festivals of ethnic minorities

Vietnam attends international Buddhism conference in India

Da Nang enhances state administration on belief

Quang Binh authorities pay visit to Catholic fishermen in Ba Don district

World News
Signatories from 35 countries endorse anti-extremism document at Egyptian Islamic conference

An international Islamic gathering hosted by Egypt presents a document condemning terrorism as it concluded Sunday.

Indonesia to host two major Catholic youth events

Indonesia is preparing to host two major Catholic youth events during 2016-2017. The first event is Indonesian Youth Day, which takes place from 1 - 6 October, 2016, in Manado.  The next year, Indonesia will host Asian Youth Day from 30 July – 6 August, 2017, in Yogyakarta.

Microsoft Exec: No Silver Bullet to Fight Terror on Internet

UNITED NATIONS — A Microsoft executive told the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday that "there is no silver bullet that will stop terrorist use of the Internet."

Muslim Leaders from 30 Countries Meet in Indonesia to Fight Extremism

Muslim leaders from around the world met in Jakarta this week to address the religious aspects of extremism and terrorism. The International Summit of Moderate Islamic Leaders was hosted by Nahdlatul Ulama, an Indonesian Muslim organization that claims 50 million members worldwide.

Catholics and Buddhists should work together for the environment

The Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue has sent a message to the Buddhists of the world to mark the Feast of Vesakh, which commemorates the his birth, enlightenment and death of Gautama Buddha.

President Obama, Governor Jerry Brown salute Vesak, or “Buddha Day”

From Bill Aiken at the Office of Public Affairs of Soka Gakkai International-USA comes notice that US President Barack Obama has issued a statement observing the Buddhist holiday of Vesak, and so too has California’s governor, Jerry Brown. About the President’s message, Aitken — who has been “functioning as ‘secretary general’ for an White House Vesak ad hoc committee of 20 or so Buddhist communities from DC, NY, and California” — writes,  “As far as I know, this is the first time in US history when the President has issued a message saluting this great holiday.”

US churchgoing in decline as young people leave the faith

Religion in the United States is in decline, according to new research from University College London (UCL) and Duke University in the US.

Singapore arrests eight Bangladeshis accused of terror plot

Singapore says it has arrested eight Bangladeshi men accused of plotting terror attacks in Bangladesh.

Devoted to serve sentient beings

Buddhist organisations and the monastic order have done much in social work by way of reducing suffering among sentient beings.

George Clooney presents Catholic woman with humanitarian award

George Clooney said the award to Marguerite Barankitse should inspire everyone to stand up for those in need

Pope Francis greets Italian Caritas chapters

Pope Francis told members of Italy’s Diocesan Caritas chapters their mission is to express “concrete love for every human person, with a preferential option for the poor.”

Baha’is celebrate the 12 Days of Ridvan

Celebrating the Baha’i Ridvan festival

‘The violence must stop,’ say bishops after MPs’ genocide vote

Cardinal Nichols said that international assistance is required in the Middle East

Robot monk blends science and Buddhism at Chinese temple

A Buddhist temple on the outskirts of Beijing has decided to ditch traditional ways and use technology to attract followers.

The Notre Dame Evangelium Vitae Award goes to Little Sisters of the Poor

A standing ovation in a packed Basilica of the Sacred Heart greeted the Little Sisters of the Poor who were on campus April 9 to receive the Evangelium Vitae Award for outstanding service to human life. The Little Sisters operate 30 homes in the United States that offer health care and assisted living for more than 13,000 low-income seniors.

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